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The best speciality stores for children near you – Great specialist shops for toys, children's books and children's clothing near you!

Here you will find extraordinary specialist shops near you that sell toys, children's books, children's clothing and children's furniture. Simply enter your postcode or city to find a specialist shop near you.

In addition to an excellent shopping experience the shops you find on also offer professional advice and a well thought out, well-assorted product line.


An owner-operated local specialist shop -- unlike an "online shop" -- can also strengthen your region. It fills downtown shopping districts with people and keeps your hometown appealing. It helps to preserve your community's economic power through wages, rent, taxes and other duties. More and more people are discovering this connection and choose to support their region with their purchases. Furthermore, qualified local advice is especially important in the children's market. It minimises bad buys, and with it, the unnecessary returns that are the norm for online purchases. And … shopping locally is fun! It offers a unique shopping experience. Did we awaken your curiosity? Who knows, maybe your future favourite shop is just around the corner. will be glad to help you find it.

Why does list owner-operated specialist shops?

Customers looking for beautiful or fancy products rarely find what they need in impersonal online shops, department stores or chain stores. They usually have better luck in owner-operated stores, whose interiors and product ranges reflect the owner's personality. In addition to excellent quality and educational value the product line is often selected on the basis of additional aspects, such as environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, renewable resources or the use of natural materials. You can often find locally manufactured products there that you would not have found anywhere else.

Their salespeople are knowledgeable and passionate about their products. Their knowledge, which typically goes far beyond their own product line, stems from vocational training and trade shows.
You can often find locally manufactured products there that you would not have found anywhere else.

Green Paper – a beautiful display of responsibility

Many specialist shops use their choice of gift wrap and shopping bags to set themselves apart. These shops not only wrap your purchases beautifully, they also demonstrate style and a concern for the environment. That is why more and more owners choose to wrap their products in paper that bears the Green Paper seal.

In addition to responsibly managed toy shops near you also lists owner-operated children's bookshops, children's clothing shops, children's furniture shops, gift boutiques and more... hopes you enjoy your next shopping experience at your specialist shop!

By the way, offers listed on are free of charge for users and for the shops listed. "Green Paper" and "KIDZZZ" are brand names of Disegno GmbH.